Research interests

I am broadly interested in statistics and biostatistics with a current focus on:


Statistical methodology and software

  1. Bansal A, Heagerty PJ, Inoue LYT, Veenstra DL, Wolock CJ, Basu A. A Value of Information Framework for Personalizing the Timing of Surveillance Testing. Medical Decision Making (2021).

  2. Chen YT, Williamson BD, Okonek T, Wolock CJ, Spieker AJ, Hee Wai TY, Hughes JP, Emerson SS, Willis AD. rigr: Regression, Inference, and General Data Analysis Tools in R. The Journal of Open Source Software (2022). (R package)

  3. Wolock CJ, Gilbert PB, Simon N, Carone M. A framework for leveraging machine learning tools to estimate personalized survival curves. Journal of Computational and Graphical Statistics (2024). (preprint) (R package) (code)

  4. Wolock CJ, Gilbert PB, Simon N, Carone M. Nonparametric variable importance for time-to-event outcomes with application to prediction of HIV infection. Under review. (R package) (code)

  5. Kenny A, Wolock CJ. SimEngine: A Modular Framework for Statistical Simulations in R. Under review. (R package) (code)

  6. Wolock CJ, Jacob S, Weil AA, Bennett JC, Elias-Warren A, O’Hanlon J, Kenny A, Jewell NP, Rotnitzky A, Chu HY, Carone M. Investigating symptom duration using current status data: a case study of post-acute COVID-19 syndrome. Under review. (R package) (code)

Health systems

  1. Wolock CJ, Williamson BD, Shortreed SM, Simon GE; Coleman KJ, Yeargans R, Ahmedani BK, Daida Y, Lynch FL, Rossom RC, Ziebell RA, Cruz M, Wellman RD, Coley RY. Importance of variables from different time frames for predicting self-harm using health system data. Under review.

Genomic medicine

  1. Raghavan NS, Brickman AM, Andrew H, Manly JJ, Schupf N, Lantigua R, The Alzheimer’s Disease Sequencing Project, Wolock CJ, Kamalakaran S, Petrovski S, Tosto G, Vardarajan BN, Goldstein DB, Mayeux R. Whole exome sequencing in 20,197 individuals identifies ultra-rare SORL1 loss-of-function variants in late-onset Alzheimer’s disease. Annals of Clinical and Translational Neurology (2018).

  2. Hayeck TJ, Stong N, Wolock CJ, Copeland B, Kamalakaran S, Goldstein DB, Allen AS. Improved Pathogenic Variant Localization using a Hierarchical Model of Sub-regional Intolerance. American Journal of Human Genetics (2019).

  3. Wolock CJ, Stong N, Ma F, Nagasaki T, Lee W, Tsang SH, Kamalakaran S, Goldstein DB, Allikmets R. A case-control collapsing analysis identifies retinal dystrophy genes associated with ophthalmic disease in patients with no pathogenic ABCA4 mutations. Genetics in Medicine (2019).

  4. Gelfman S, Dugger SA, Moreno CAM, Ren Z, Wolock CJ, Shneider NA, Phatnani H, Cirulli ET, Lasseigne BN, Harris T, Maniatis T, Rouleau GA, Brown RH, Gitler AD, Myers RM, Petrovski S, Allen AS, Harms MB, Goldstein DB. A new approach for rare variation collapsing on functional protein domains implicates specific genic regions in ALS. Genome Research (2019).

  5. Cameron-Christie S, Wolock CJ, Groopman E, Petrovski S, Kamalakaran S, Povysil G, Zhang M, Fleckner J, March RE, Gelfman S, Marasa M, Li Y, Sanna-Cherchi S, Kiryluk K, Allen AS, Fellström B, Haefliger C, Platt A, Goldstein DB, Gharavi A. Exome-based rare-variant analyses in chronic kidney disease. Journal of the American Society of Nephrology (2019).

  6. Ma CJ, Wolock CJ, Stong N, Nagasaki T, Lee W, Goldstein DB, Allikmets R. Case-control collapsing analysis identifies genes mimicking Stargardt/ABCA4 disease. Investigative Ophthalmology & Visual Science (2019).

  7. Eade K, Gantner ML, Hostyk JA, Nagasaki T, Giles S, Fallon R, Harkins-Perry S, Baldini M, Lim EW, Scheppke L, Dorrell MI, Cai C, Baugh EH, Wolock CJ, Wallace M, Berlow RB, Goldstein DB, Metallo CM, Friedlander M, Allikmets R. Serine biosynthesis defect due to haploinsufficiency of PHDGH causes retinal disease. Nature Metabolism (2021).

Microbial ecology

  1. Bittleston LS, Wolock CJ, Bakhtiar EY, Chan XY, Chan KG, Pierce NE, Pringle A. Convergence between the microcosms of Southeast Asian and North American pitcher plants. eLife (2018).

  2. Heil J, Wolock CJ, Pierce NE, Pringle A, Bittleston LS. Pitcher plant-associated microbial communities differ primarily by host species across a longitudinal gradient. Microbial Ecology (2022).

  3. Bittleston, LS*, Wolock CJ*, Maeda J, Infante V, Ané JM, Pierce NE, Pringle A. Canivorous Nepenthes Pitchers with Less Acidic Fluid House Nitrogen-Fixing Bacteria. Applied and Environmental Microbiology (2023). *Equal contribution

Other scientific collaborations

  1. Sperling EA, Wolock CJ, Morgan AS, Gill BC, Kunzmann M, Halverson GP, Macdonald FA, Knoll AH, Johnston DT. Statistical analysis of iron geochemical data suggests limited late Proterozoic oxygenation. Nature (2015).

  2. Wasser SK, Wolock CJ, Kuhner MK, Brown JE, Morris C, Horowitz R, Wong A, Fernandez CJ, Otiende MY, Hoareau Y, Kaliszewska ZA, Jeon E, Han KL, Weir BS. Elephant genotypes reveal the size and connectivity of transnational ivory traffickers. Nature Human Behaviour (2022). (code)

  3. Alfieri J, Coble MD, Conroy C, Dahl A, Hares D, Weir BS, Wolock CJ, Zhao E, Kingston H, Zolandz T. A new implementation of a semi-continuous method for DNA mixture interpretation. Forensic Science International: Reports (2022).

  4. Kohn MD, Wolock CJ, Poulson IJ, Fernando ND. A meta-analysis of postoperative outcomes of patients with and without chronic hepatitis C undergoing primary total hip or knee arthroplasty EFORT Open Reviews (2023).